Fr. Enatheleme is available to facilitate the following classes in your area. This list includes introductory material on Thelema, explorations of Thelemic leadership, in-depth training in the principles of the Order, and more.

Introductory Classes in Thelemic Theory and Practice

The following list of relatively short, stand-alone classes are designed with the idea of providing a broad introduction to a variety of topics.

Tradition of Light: Glimpse into Hermetic Qabalah (90 mins) — Basic introduction to Qabalah, focuses on explaining the Hermetic approach to the discipline and the different aspects of the practice e.g. literal, dogmatic, symbolic, etc.

Beginning Memorization of the Tables in 777 (60 minutes) — This is a talk on the theoretical & practical value of memorizing the tables of correspondences. It also covers a number of techniques for memorization.

Using Aleister Crowley’s 777 to Create Telesmatic Images and Esoteric Art (90 minutes) — Of the many tools in an occult practitioner’s toolbox, the system of correspondences is one which is frequently used in the creation of ceremonial and dramatic rituals, telesmatic images, and esoteric art. In this workshop, you will learn about this technique, and then you’ll get hands-on experience with the most commonly used tables in Aleister Crowley’s 777, and develop ideas for your own invocative and magical working. Note: It is not required to bring a copy of 777; copies of the major tables will be available.

The Thelemic Calendar (60 minutes) — Classroom form of my piece in Agapé on the same topic. A basic explanation of the Calendar and how the movement of the earth relates to the seasonal progression of the year. Designed to help people break out of their Gregorian paradigm to think about the purpose of calendars and to see how the Thelemic calendar is an improvement.

Making Music to Accompany Ritual (45 minutes) — This is for non-musicians and talented musicians as well. Covers concepts about playing music in the context of ritual, different considerations for what works and what doesn’t, and a discussion of musical “morality” vs. Thelemic principles applied to music.

Esoteric Art (60 minutes) — Discussion of what constitutes esotericism in art and a look at various pieces. Includes slides of the recent shows in Paris.

Systems Theory, Cybernetics & Thelema (60 minutes) — An exploration of cybernetic philosophy as an approach to understanding ourselves as volitional systems.

The Horn of the Doubt-Goat be exalted! (90 minutes) — As Aleister Crowley has indicated in Libri III, XXX, CI, and elsewhere, understanding logic and achieving mastery over one’s mental activity is a requisite discipline for the magician. This presentation offers an introduction to cultivating purposeful and self-regulatory judgment as a tool of inquiry and liberation in one’s personal, civic, and magical life. Learn about cognitive biases, logical fallacies, and strategies to overcome self-delusion. We will also review Crowley’s remarks on the subject, and printed material for later examination will be provided to all attendees.

The Politics of Aleister Crowley (90 minutes) — A complete overview of Aleister Crowley’s political writings and how he envisioned Thelema should inform politics. Includes a discussion of current political controversies, how Crowley may have regarded them based upon what he has written, and how we may individually approach political questions in the light of Thelema.

Organizational & Leadership Classes

These classes offer discussion of principles and strategies within O.T.O., for beginners as well as seasoned officers and members.

O.T.O. 101 (60 minutes): Covers our founding documents and explains what O.T.O. is about for people who are new. Excellent in conjunction with an Open House and feast for the public.

The Fraternal Dilemma (90 minutes) — An exploration of the philosophical enigmas and economic paradoxes that come from individual participation in a group. Best if tyled to Minerval, but can be modified to be a public class. This course is based on a series of essays written circa 2005 e.v.

A Contention in Generosity: A Heart-Centered Approach to Fraternal Leadership (90 minutes) — In this talk, Fr. Enatheleme will explore a worldview rooted in gratitude and giving. Drawing upon the Order’s founding documents, current research, and a decade of experience as an officer of a large local body of O.T.O., Fr. Enatheleme will briefly relate this strategic approach to community building alongside lessons from past successes and failures. This presentation goes to the heart of our motives as social beings and our fraternal obligations to each other in the high purpose of securing the Liberty of the individual.

Promulgation Strategies Workshop (5 hours) — Overview of Crowley’s commentary concerning promulgation, comparing to the findings of modern-day theories about the growth of religious movements, and a look at how we can implement informed strategies for promulgation in our local bodies. This includes a more thorough exploration and discussion of the strategies described in the 60-minute “Promulgation Strategies” talk from NOTOCON, as well as a focus on challenges & practical application within the context of your own local body and community.

Catechumen Program Modules

An overview of the basic tenets of Thelema, from Aleister Crowley’s writings; and exploration of the Gnostic Mass and the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica. This is presented with a catechism which can be used as a tool for ongoing study. The modules below are stand-alone and can be presented ala carte or as a series. Each module is approximately 3 hours of classroom time, depending on the number of participants.

Thelema I: The Great White Brotherhood and its eight messengers: the road to the New Aeon — The history of the Great White Brotherhood and it’s seven preceding Magi, their words, and their place in the Aeonic progression. Then, an in-depth presentation on the eighth Magus, the Cairo Working, reception of Holy Books and assorted history.

Thelema II: The miracle of incarnation and the mystic anatomy of Man — The miracle of incarnation, which Thelema centers around; how Man is built (khabs, khu etc.) in our tradition; and how these two are related to each other.

E.G.C. I: An introduction to the history, structure, and liturgy of the Church. — The basic history of the Church, with the strongest focus on the Church after acceptance of Liber AL vel Legis as its central doctrine; the structure (patriarch, primate, bishop, priest/priestess, deacon, laity etc.) of the Church; and the calendar and various liturgies (mass, last rites, marriage, baptism, feast of life, feast of death, feasts for water & fire, etc.).

Missale Gnosticum I: The temple, officers and people. — An introduction to the temple of the Gnostic Catholic Church, the officers, and the people, and an overview of the rubric of the mass itself.

Missale Gnosticum II: The Gnostic Catholic Creed — An interactive and participatory exegesis examining both the esoteric and exoteric sides of the Creed, including a full analysis of the isopsephy of the Greek words.

Missale Gnosticum III: The Collects and Anthem — An interactive exegesis examining the Collects and Anthem of the Gnostic Mass.

Confirmandus I: The magical use of the sacrament, one’s duties and privileges as a confirmed member, and the path after confirmation. — Describes how one can use the miracle of the mass magically, one’s duties and privileges as a member of the Church, and specifics about sponsoring others into the Church. This course also covers the path after Confirmation (being an officer in the Mass, initiation, holy orders, etc.)

Man of Earth Triad Initiation Symbolism

As a chartered initiator for over 15 years, Fr. Enatheleme has participated as a ritualist in over 70 Man of Earth Triad initiations and has made an in-depth study of the symbolism of the degrees. A symbolism lecture and discussion on each of the degrees is available. Contact Fr. Enatheleme for more details.

U.S.G.L. Initiator Training

As a Certified Initiator Trainer, Fr. Enatheleme is available to offer a one- or two-day training workshop for those who wish to continue their education in our initiatory rites and/or fulfill requirements for a charter to initiate.

U.S.G.L. Initiator Training serves the following purposes:

  1. To regularize practices of the Man of Earth initiations.
  2. To communicate best practices and procedures.
  3. To give Initiators feedback on their current practices.
  4. To communicate USGL policies pertaining to the safe and effective conduct of initiations.
  5. Optionally: To train side officers and acquaint them with USGL standards and initiator expectations.